Dear translator, we would kindly ask you to follow the next few rules and advices accepted by our translation company:

translator’s Advisory

  1. Perform your work in good faith, do not discredit a profession of translator;
  2. Bear in mind that a human life, outcome of a multi-million contract, fate of the whole company may depend on your translation;
  3. Do not forget that first and utmost you help people to understand unfamiliar language, so use clear, understandable turns of phrase, expressions and sentence structures;
  4. Before translating a text, look through the topic, read the necessary literature, rub up on your knowledge;
  5. Do not distort facts specified in documents, you bear direct responsibility;
  6. Check unfamiliar terms using thematic dictionaries and specialized forums;
  7. Execute translated documents strictly in accordance with the style and content of the original (fonts, tables, seals, graphics);
  8. Re-read, proofread and carefully compare your translation with the original upon completion.