Translation or editing by a native speaker implies work of a foreign translator, who is a native speaker of a target language for translation. No matter in whatever way a translator can speak a foreign language, foreign readers will always feel whether the text is translated by a native speaker or a translator who is not a native speaker of the target language.

translation and Editing by Native Speaker

Only a native speaker can use and select right words having lexical tone which can properly explain the essence and mood of the translated text as well as speech patterns and expressions specifically required in this context. We are talking about a 100% equivalence of the translated text both semantically and stylistically.

In some cases, proofreading or translation editing by a native speaker is a strictly necessary service so that to achieve maximum understanding with a foreign partner. This also means reputation of your company. You should bear in mind that successful sales of your products and services to foreign customers also depend on adequate and correct translation.

Translation editing by a native speaker is required when the text should look authentic and not make native readers feel that they read a translated text: commercial offers, publications, brochures, presentations, websites, advertising materials, etc.

Joint work with professional linguists and native speakers helps our translation agency to ensure high quality translations.