Translation Company in Almaty Alliance Translation Services is a fast growing translation company that offers a wide range of language services: written and verbal translations in various fields.

When our customers entrust us with their language translations, they trust to us not only confidential information, but also their business as they are confident that everything we do we do with the highest quality meeting all deadlines.

We welcome for cooperation both customers in Almaty and customers from other cities of Kazakhstan and the World.

Our translation company offers the high-quality translation and interpretation services from/into the world’s major languages on various topics in the shortest possible time. The scope of our translation activities covers the following main topics and areas:

• Translation of personal documents (passports, IDs, house registers, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, diploma supplements, certificates of secondary education, references, powers of attorney, statements, etc.)

• Technical documents (industrial automation, instructions to hardware, specifications, etc). Our translation agency has considerable experience in this area.

• Legal translations (contracts, agreements, treaties). Translations of this type are performed made only by translators having the second degree in law.

• Business, finance, economy, auditing, accounting. These topics are the most popular among our corporate customers. When translating this kind of documents Alliance Translation Services pays special attention to the accurate information translation, namely figures.

• Medical translations (pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biology). This is one of the most important and crucial topics that deserves careful study of the relevant literature. The Agency entrusts such translations only to doctors with a degree in linguistics.

• Industry-based translations (food industry, oil and gas production (processing), gold mining and metallurgy, construction sector, etc). These topics are of high demand due to the developing industry and high industrialization.

In addition to the above topics, Alliance Translation Services also provides translations in other areas, including:

• Engineering (shipbuilding, automotive industry)

• Information technologies, computer equipment, etc.

• Seismology (geology, geophysics)

• Construction (road construction)

• Telecommunications

• Electronics and radio electronics

• Nuclear energy

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