We decided to dedicate this article to interpreting services as more and more our customers ask our translation agency in Almaty for this type of translation. People, who are unfamiliar with translation activities, do not even know that translation itself is divided not only into written and verbal translations, but each of these types has also its own sub-types. So there are two types of interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous translation. Customers often confound these two sub-types and call any interpreting as simultaneous translation.

interpreting services

Simultaneous translation is one of the most difficult types of interpretation, which is performed using special equipment for simultaneous interpretation (Wikipedia). This type of interpreting is used at conferences, symposia and other official events at a high level. Accordingly, this sub-type is much more expensive than a simple consecutive translation, which in turn is used more often for accompanying foreign guests during negotiations, business lunches and other meetings.

During consecutive interpretation an interpreter listens to a speaker and renders speech at the end, while during simultaneous interpretation an interpreter translates speech almost simultaneously with a speaker. As for the consecutive interpreting a speaker delivers a phrase or part of the phrase, pauses and waits while an interpreter translates all the said, then the speaker delivers the next phrase, etc.

Consecutive translation is much more common service. Its cost is calculated on an hourly basis. A minimum order for interpretation (consecutive translation) at our translation company in Almaty is at least 3 hours, even if an interpreter is required actually only for half an hour. After all, the interpreter will spend at least one and half to two hours on travel to and from a venue. Please, look through prices of our translation agency in Almaty.

Actual hours worked by an interpreter are always calculated from the very time of his arrival to the appointed venue and till its completion. Coffee breaks, launches, etc are not deducted from the cost even if the interpreter was not engaged in interpretation at this time. When the interpreter leaves outskirts of Almaty, all his travel costs as well as accommodation and meal expenses shall be as a rule incurred by a customer.

Many customers wonder why interpretation is four and sometimes five times more expensive than written translation. Firstly, when performing verbal translation, an interpreter cannot use dictionaries, deadline is restricted. Secondly, an interpreter is exposed to enormous stress when rendering interpreting services as he does not have time to think over and choose a suitable translation for a phrase and expression. Thirdly, an interpreter cannot look through the entire speech, catch the meaning and then quietly perform interpretation after having considered the structure of the whole sentence.

If you schedule a meeting with foreign partners, it is desirable to take care of interpreting services in advance, find the right translation company and submit an application for interpretation services 2-3 days before the meeting. It is also desirable to provide an interpreter with available materials on the scheduled meeting: speeches, meeting brochures or brief information.

Alliance Translation Services, a translation agency in Almaty, will always be happy to help you with the arrangement of interpreting services!