Translation from Russian into Kazakh / from Kazakh into Russian is the most popular language service in our country due to recent changes in the applicable law, which provides for compulsory translation of all documents into the state language. Demand for Kazakh translators has increased dramatically in the labor market as well.

Russian-Kazakh Translation

Our translation company follows the dictates of the market and provides high-quality translation of all documents (technical, legal, economic, and advertising materials) from the Russian language into the Kazakh language and from the Kazakh language into the Russian language. Our customers are confident in qualification of our Kazakh translators since this language is not only the mother language for our professionals, but also a means of daily communication.

Our managers perform strict recruitment of Kazakh translators as it is not enough to just speak and know the language, a translator should master the Kazakh language professionally. We apply even tougher requirements to translators who translate texts from Kazakh into Russian. This requires a competent command of the Russian language than the Kazakh one. Unfortunately, not all translators can speak Russian fluently and correctly. Moreover, after our translators complete translation of texts from the Kazakh language into the Russian language, the translated material is subject to careful proofreading by editors, who check the text for stylistic, spelling and grammar mistakes.

Mandatory requirement put by our agency to translators of the Kazakh language is continuous improvement of their translation skills, strict adherence to the latest changes in the language environment as well as their mandatory further training as highly professionals.

As we have already mentioned, the Russian-Kazakh translation accounts for the lion’s share of all translations performed by our agency. Therefore, we provide for substantial discounts for this type of translation. You can learn more information and get an advice by calling us or looking through our prices.